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Welcome to Categorize Plus 2.1 for Outlook

Unique Features that Unleash the Power of Categories

Category HierarchiesCategory Hierarchies!

Automated Category ActionsAutomated Category Actions!

Customized Filter MenusAuto Categorize Options!

Dockable Category EditorDockable Category Editor!

Customized Search MenusCustomized Search Menus!

Copy and Paste CategoriesCopy and Paste Categories!

Full Featured Menu BuilderFull Featured Menu Builder!

Works with Lookeen SearchWorks with Lookeen TM Search!

Pre-configured MenusPre-configured Menus!

Perfect for Getting Things DonePerfect for Getting Things Done!

Categorize Plus Toolbar    Categorize Plus Category Editor    Categorize Plus Drop Down Menus   Categorize Plus Search Combo Boxes   Categorize Plus Inside Outlook Items    Categorize Plus Menu Builder   Categorize Plus Category Actions Editor   Categorize Plus Options Dialog    Categorzize Plus Auto Categorize Wizard    
Copy and Paste Categories  
Categorize Plus Category Editor  
Categorize Plus Drop Down Menus  
Categorize Plus Filter and Search Combo Boxes  
Categorize Plus Inside Outlook Items  
Categorize Plus Menu Builder 
Categorize Plus Menu Builder 
Categorize Plus Options Dialog  
Categorzize Plus Auto Categorize Wizard  

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Categorize Plus Color Category Editor Use and Features
Categorize Plus Category Editor Docking Positions
Categorize, Filter and Search for Outlook with Subcategories
Category Actions
Search Engines
Copy, Paste, Undo and Redo Outlook Categories using the Add-In Toolbar
Categories Inside Outlook Items
Standard Filter Menu in Categorize Plus for Outlook
Standard Instant Search Menu in Categorize Plus for Outlook
Getting Started with Outlook Categories

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 Feature Comparision

     Win 7 & OL 2010

    Requires 32-bit Outlook