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Activate Categorize Plus

Categorize Plus is activated by selecting the "Activate" button that is found on the About Categorize Plus dialog as shown below.  The About Categorize Plus dialog is opened by selecting the "About Categorize Plus" button displayed under the Tools Menu.

Note:  The "Activate" button will appear on the About dialog only if the software is not already activated.  Once the software is activated, then the button will no longer appear.

Three Steps Required for Activating the Product

  1. Receive an Activation Code
    Before activating the software, the user must either purchase a license and receive an activation code, or use the free activation code located at the bottom of the purchase web page.  Click here to open the purchase web page.  After purchasing a license, then the activation code will be sent via email.
  2. Send the Activation Code
    After receiving an activation code, then enter this code along with your user name in the fields provided on the Activate Categorize Plus dialog as illustrated below.  After entering this information, then press the "Send" button to send an email to VeranoSoft that contains the information necessary to create a unique license for this computer and user.
  3. Receive and Install the License
    After verifying the activation code,  VeranoSoft will send a reply email with the license file attached.   Upon opening this email, Categorize Plus will automatically install the license and activate the software.

Note:  If there are any problems activating the software, then select the "Email Support" button found on the About dialog.  Pressing this button will send an email directly to the support team at VeranoSoft.  This email will include attachments that will assist the support team in troubleshooting the problem.  Please enter a description of the problem before sending the email.

The Categorize Plus About Dialog:

The Categorize Plus Activate Dialog:

Categorize Plus for Outlook Logo