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Category Actions for Outlook Categories

Ten Actions that can be Automatically Performed

  • Move to Folder automatically moves the matching Outlook items to a specified folder.
  • Add Categories will add the specified categories to the matching Outlook items.
  • Remove Categories will remove the specified categories from the matching Outlook items.
  • Read Status will change the read status to either "Mark as Read" or "Mark as Unread".
  • Importance will change the importance to either "Low", "Normal" or "High".
  • Follow Up Flag will add a follow up flag for "Today", "Tomorrow", "This Week", "Next Week" or "No Date".
  • Follow Up Days will add a follow up flag and will set the date equal to today's date plus the days in this setting.
  • Follow Up Text will add text to the follow up flag that will appear in the Follow Up Flag column in Outlook.
  • Create Task will create an Outlook Task item using information from the item being categorized.
  • Create Appointment will create an Outlook Appointment item using information from the item being categorized.

Note:  For the Create Task and Create Appointment actions, if more than one item is currently selected, then the action will only be applied to the first item in the selection.

The flash movie below demonstrates how to create and apply category actions when using Categorize Plus.

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Flash Demos

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Getting Started with Outlook Categories

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