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We Pay for Our Mistakes!!!

Although we strive to launch programs with zero defects for our users, and despite the fact that we beta test, debug and double check all of our code prior to launch, it is impossible to cover all user configurations and environments.  Therefore, despite all of our efforts, errors eventually result during the launch of a product like Categorize Plus.

To deal with this fact, we have implemented extensive error handling in our code that minimizes the impact of each error for our users.  If an error should occur, then an Error Dialog will appear that describes the error.  An example of an error dialog is shown below.  If you experience an error while using Categorize Plus and this dialog appears, then please select the 'Email Support' button that is shown in the example below.  This will send an error report to the Support Team at VeranoSoft.  We strive to resolve all errors and provide a tested solution via automatic download within 72-hours.

How We Pay for our Mistakes

We pay money for all error reports submitted by our users that result in a fix or an improvement.  These reports must be for errors not previously discovered.  For error reports that result in a major fix or improvement, we refund the entire purchase price of the software.  For reports that result in a minor fix or improvement, we refund/discount 25% of the purchase price.

Example of an Error Dialog with Email Support Button

We Pay for Our Mistakes


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